My name is Shawn Hemelstrand and I research early literacy development.

 Welcome! As the page suggests, I am a researcher who studies early literacy development at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Scroll down to check out some of my recent work. To learn more about me, check out the About page. To preview my publications and projects, please navigate to My Research. My social media can also be found below.

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Research Presentations


ARWA 2024 Oral Presentation: The Extrema of Japanese Literacy

This is my presentation on Japanese literacy, where my analysis investigated the impact of individual differences on literacy acquisition in Japanese.

ARWA GCH Presentation.pptx

ARWA 2023 Oral Presentation: The Impact of Character Complexity on Chinese Literacy

This is my presentation on a proposed graphic complexity hypothesis (GCH), which stipulates that the visual input of characters in Chinese dictates the success rate of reading and writing in different ways.

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